And for those who make their first steps in a musical career, and for those who feel confident on the stage, and for those who are just getting ready to make a responsible decision to devote themselves to music.

July 7-8, Music Conference is to take place at Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH) within Atlas Weekend festival, which joins panels, lectures and workshops from music experts.
This year the conference covers the issues of Ukrainian music market development according to world trends.

Among speakers and participants - foreign and Ukrainian producers, concert promoters, ticket operators, record labels, mass media and digital industry representatives, PR experts, music reporters and musicians.

Free entrance by pre-registration:

Music HUB is an open platform for interaction of all the participants of music industry, focusing on regular events, aiming to create a space for communication, professional development, skill sharing and joint solution of music market topical challenges.

07/07 14:00 YUKO band, Masterskaya label - How to become successful while being a young artist, personal example
07/07 15:00 Andrey Koren, photo studio Newtone - Image of an artist with the help of a photographer
07/07 16:00 Oksana Bryzgalova, Istok studio - Projects of Istok studio for young musicians
07/07 17:00 Nicky McNeil / Markus Barnes, - International PR and online marketing

08/07 13:30 Anya Evstigneeva, Love’n'Joy group - European club tour for indie band
08/07 14:00 Lesya Patoka, studio Patoka - Style as the most powerful factor
08/07 15:00 Danila Khomutovsky and Vlad Fisun, Radio Aristocrats - Radio as a catalyst for the musical career, show “Morning Spanking" and "Big Fisun"
08/07 16:00 Marko Galanevich, DahaBraha group - How to write music for films
08/07 17:00 Yury Kostenko, Front Pictures company - Visual technologies for show business
08/07 18:00 Martin Elborn, Glastonbury Festival - How to get on the line-up of the International Festival

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